Greeting from the president

General Incorporated Association HECTEF (Health Care Technology Foundation) has developed as main business in development, manufacture, authorization and distribution of the high-order reference material for clinical laboratory test since 1994.

And, from April 2016, HECTEF started the distribution of HECTEF HbA1c Calibrator which is traceable to the IFCC HbA1c Reference System. This HECTEF HbA1c Calibrator introduced from the IFCC is frozen whole blood of human origin, and it’s certified value is IFCC value (mmol/mol) and NGSP value (%) which converted the value by Master Equation are displayed together. About this HECTEF HbA1c Calibrator, reference analytical laboratory of the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center as well as clinical laboratory of the University of Tokyo Hospital are carried out the study in detail, It has been recommended from Japanese Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (JCCLS). I think that by all means I want you to use.

From more than ten years before, we are working for the standardization about measurement of trace amount of hemoglobin and the production of artificial stool material with the aim of the standardization of fecal hemoglobin measurement.

We HECTEF, to members and people who are interested in clinical chemistry, in order to give the newest information, the “HECTEF seminar” is held every year.The information about the seminar is posted to the HECTEF homepage and we are contacting the member directly. Please come to attend.

From 2009, we are opening to the public the Japanese translation of review, mini-review and podcasts of interesting article which were published by “Clinical Chemistry” of AACC through the “Clinical Chemistry promenade (CCP)” of the HECTEF homepage. In addition, the CCP mail magazine which announces introduction of this CCP by e-mail to HECTEF members or homepage registrants is also sent. Moreover, from the banner of CCP, the Japanese translation of Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council from which the knowledge which is useful for the study of laboratory medicine or clinical chemistry is acquired can be accessed, and it can register for free. Please see our homepage.

HECTEF is a regular member of JCCLS and we would like to strengthen the relation of both organizations further. Our efforts will be stepped up to offer the needed information relevant to laboratory medicine. I would like to ask your cooperation not only cooperation by doctors, medical technologists, and laboratory medicine related companies but all the people who are interested in laboratory medicine.

Thank you very much
Chief director Ikunosuke Sakurabayashi