Aim at offering effectively good clinical laboratory test data of high reliability.
Promotion of the Research relevant to Total Quality Assurance

The clinical laboratory test is bearing the very important role in medical various scenes, such as a patient’s diagnosis, determination of a treatment policy, a judgment of a curative effect, routine health checkups, and a complete physical examination. In present medical setting currently asked for more advanced and special medical treatment, it is called for that the good laboratory test data of high reliability can be obtained speedily.
From a viewpoint of Total Quality Assurance, HECTEF (Health Care Technology Foundation) is performing research of the method, development of reference materials, exchange with foreign countries, scholarly information introduction to the country etc, and is working to promote them.

In order to realize effective medical practice in such good quality, HECTEF cooperates with organizations in and outside the country, and is undertaking the following business for the purpose of improvement in medical technology and Clinical laboratory technology.

New Release

◆ JCCLS Recommended HECTEF HbA 1c Calibrator Set

“HECTEF HbA1c Calibrator set” is developed as two concentrations in the normal and abnormal concentration range using whole blood at the Queen Beatrix Hospital in the Netherlands in collaboration with the IFCC Network Coordinator,. The product is certified as a recommended product by Japanese Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (JCCLS) as traceable product to the IFCC Reference System.

◆ HECTEF HbA1c control set

“HECTEF HbA1c Control Set” is traceable to IFCC Reference System. The control set is distributed for the daily check of the measuring system.
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